September 5th, 2012

  • hauntes

and that's all for me

Okay lovelies. I wanna say thanks first of all for ever joining this community in the first place. It's insane how much this place has grown. I loved posting here. But I decided to move on to a new community on my own. My style and taste has changed in the last while and I just kind of needed a fresh start. So I've moved to nichecorner. If you enjoy my icons I'd love if you joined me there. And this community will be staying open and all the other makers will still post here. All the posts will remain untouched so all the older icons will be here if you ever want to use them. Anyways, click the banner above to see the first post at my new comm and to the other makers here I seriously love you. Thanks for being so understanding.

- xo hauntes